Press system


The Press-System consists of three Hydac Main-Systems:


  • Variable Speed Drive (DVA)
  • Oxistop
  • and Press Control Manifold (PSB)


Through a combination of the KineSys drive controller with an asynchronous or high dynamic servomotor we create complete new possibilities to control hydraulic actors. Further new advantages and possibilities are given by through the supply of hydraulic energy on demand only with the pump unit (displacement controlled) the architecture of the hydraulic will be substantially simplified and becomes less complex.


In conjunction with OxiStop, the following advantages are obtained:


  • Longer lifetime of the press by:
    • 80 % less oxygen content and
    • reduced contamination ingression (solid, liquid, gaseous) because of closed system by membrane
    • Increased system stiffness
      • Better control behavior
    • Reduced noise due to reduced cavitation by continuous degassing


Through the combination of Press Control Manifold (PSB) and Drive DVA further possibilities and advantages are given such as e.g.:


  • Speed control without additional valves and throttles
  • Pressure control without additional valvesLess position monitored valves
  • Less valve technology because the control of hydraulics is integrated on the Hydac KineSys controller
  • Increased connectivity for topics like internet of things (Industry 4.0)

Press Control Manifold (PSB)


The press control manifolds PSB in the nominal sizes 06 and 10 are modular control blocks with EC type examination for use in hydraulic presses according to the safety regulations of DIN EN 693. The hydraulic control corresponds to Performance Level PLe according to DIN EN ISO 13849. By using further safety-related control parts, the performance level PLe can also be achieved for the entire machine.


Due to its modular design, the hydraulic control can be adapted to the functional requirements of the press.

Basic Module and sandwich plates (options)



  • Depressurised “down” movement with own weight
  • Regenerative circuit



  • Proportional pressing force adjustment
  • Safe set-up speed
  • Various options for safely depressurising the system
  • Various options for decompression
  • Piston side unloaded or loaded in normal position


  • Load-holding valve
  • Rapid “down” movement with own weight
  • Mechanical counterbalance valve
  • Electronic counterbalance valve

Accumulator Module (option)



  • Pressure-holding function
  • Control of additional functions during idle times
  • Electrical or manual unloading
  • Integrated accumulator safety

Additional Functions (option)



  • Valve stacking assembly can be connected for additional functions

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